Not so long ago I was living an unhealthy life, I lacked energy and always felt tired. I could not survive the day without coffee of energy drinks, I never slept well or functioned properly. To often I would make excuses to stay at home a rest rather than spending time on the things I love or most important to me. I was not living the life I wanted. My fatigue got so bad I sought doctors advice and after having test done I was told that “this is just the way I am”. Well I never accepted that and knew there had to be an answer.

My life would change when I met some amazing people who opened my eyes to the power of healthy eating. Making small changes in my life and knowing the right way to incorporate diet into my life I found a new abundance of energy  and feel amazing, I also lost weight without even trying.

It's from this experience I developed my Pure Health Coaching, I have now helped people all over the country to lose weight, improve their health and wellbeing and develop the lifestyle they wanted.

Inside you will find amazing recipes, helpful ideas and my tailor made coaching programs that a suited to helping you achieve your health goals.


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