Lose Weight Over Christmas

Now that the festive season is fast approaching many people put their health goals on hold and wait for the New Year, In fact there is now better time to start than right now.

Alarmingly over 61% of adults are over weight, being over weight can increase your risk of hearth disease, diabetes, and other health issues.  Its usually at the start of the New Year when people decide they should make a change. The best  strategy is all about gradual lifestyle changes and appreciating what happens when you eat particular foods.  Using this strategy makes now is the right time to focus on losing weight and not at the start of the New Year.

Many people who try to lose weight follow some type of crash diet or strict regimes, it’s this reason, they avoid starting before Christmas because they have a fear they won’t be able to enjoy the festive season and often opt in to start later in the year instead identify the food that you want to avoid and substitute it one by one over a period of time. Most importantly make a note on how your body reacts and how you feel after eating. We have forgotten to listen to our bodies, when we eat, no one knows your body like yourself, so if something feels right or wrong you have the power to change it. This is the secret to understanding what you need to be doing to lose weight.

Using this philosophy, are are my 5 top reasons why right now is the perfect time to  take action on losing weight:

1. Starting a few weeks before Christmas gives you the tools and knowledge to fight cravings and how to counteract bad eating habits. Cravings and bad habits are the usual reasons people crash on diets, by understanding why you cave certain foods gives you the power to put an action plan into place well in advance. If you now you are going to crave the sugary treats at christmas you can quickly combat this with your ideal substitute.

2. A step by step approach means you are not cutting out everything at once, so you will still be eating the food you love with the exception of a few items, so enjoy your Christmas ham however you may want to cut down on the pudding, load your plate up with more of those lovely vegetables than you normally would.

3. Enjoy yourself and use the festive time to experiment and learn how your body reacts to different food. Food will trigger so many different responses in our body, most of which we have come custom to ignoring. The array of food we eat over the festive season gives us great opportunity to experiment and take note of how we feel. Try eating the usual barbecue one day then take a break and eat fresh whole foods the next and make note of how you feel and how the body reacts.

4. Take the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Why stick to the traditional Christmas food? Now is a perfect opportunity to mix it up and add in something new. For example one Christmas we left out the Christmas turkey and replaced it with a wholesome lasagne not only did it taste amazing, there was little waste and cost a fraction of the price of a turkey.

5. When the New Year comes you are already well on your way. Imagine kicking off the New year already taking action and losing a few kilos. Not only will you feel so much better you will be in a much better position to continue your lifestyle change. I have never heard of someone who has made a new years resolution to lose weight and actually seen it all the way through, in fact it is actually the worst time to start. The beginning of the year is usually the busiest time as we are preparing to go back to work, start the kids at school or even relocating, this causes the diet to take a back seat very quickly after it started.

By starting a few weeks before Christmas you will be arming yourself with the tools and knowledge to not only be prepared for Christmas but also be able to make some real changes and run into the New Year with a head start. Best of all you can save your New Years resolution on something else, like saving for a holiday!

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Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year