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Discover Pure Health

Discover how easy it is to achieve a great health and wellness, my pure health system helps you achieve feeling your best.

  • Not comfortable with your body and want to shed some kilos
  • No clear goals or set values that make you
  • Get home and don't feel like doing anything
  • Home Cooking Classes

    You may already commited to a healthier lifestyle change but stuck for ideas, my home based cooking classes I come to you and show you some great ideas, from cleaning out your pantry and stocking up on great food to feeding the family with amazing meals.

  • Complete Lifestyle Over Haul

    Lets face it your tired of trying to lose weight and get your life on track, my complete lifestyle over haul focuses on what you need to do to start living the life you deserve.

  • Live Cooking Classes

    Take advantage of my live cooking classes that are held through out the year this is the best way to get exposure and ideas if your just starting out.

I had aspirations; however, I had no goals or knew how to set my sights on achieving them. Since starting with Darren, I have been able to concentrate on what is important to me and set achievable goals, both physical and mental. I am actually walking the walk and not talking about it. I have done things that I thought were not possible. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and tools Darren has shared with me.

Darwin NT

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me achieve my goal of loosing 15kg in 9 weeks (I actually lost 16kgs) and other health goals.  My blood pressure is back in the normal range and so is my cholesterol.  I feel better and people have noticed the change in my skin saying I am “Glowing".  Your low pressure and easy going attitude really made it easy working with you to achieve my goals.  You are a true health coach and I can see it in your eyes how dedicated and passionate you are in your quest to rid obesity from our society and help people get back on track with their lives in a very sustainable way.

Graham C
Greensborough Vic.