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How To Get in the Drivers Seat of Life and Start Living the Life You Want!

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If You Think About It, You're Actually Pretty Lucky...

You are alive!- you have a job, a house, someone you care about, a family. In fact, when you think about it you have done pretty well to get here. The problem is your not feeling to proud of yourself. Your carrying extra weight, you focus too much on working to pay bills and not on the things you love. You have lost the ability to add excitement to your relationships and you lack the energy to have fun when your at home. You simply want to find a way to feel like you did when you were younger. Being completely in control of your life and living how you wanted! You now you don't eat right but dieting hasn't worked in the past. You feel like you don’t spend enough time on what you value. You know it’s important, you just don’t know where to start! So many people give you advice and it's hard to find clarity on what ACTUALLY WORKS amongst the noise. You go to sleep at night wondering what it’s going to take to move out of the rut and finally be the role model you truly want to become. You dream of the day you will become the "Primal Man" you were born to be, living fearlessly and freely and leaving the legacy you were destined to leave. How can you have it all? By spending so much time stressed out, you’re losing out on doing the things you love to do (and there's still so much to learn). Cash flow isn’t great and your family and friends aren’t seeing as much of you as they’d like. This isn't you -- the best you. It's not your fault...and you're not alone.

I've helped guys from all walks of life go from over weight, stressed and lacking drive to being in shape, kicking goals and driving full throttle. You see, just like you, we have a desperate obsessive focus to change lives and we have channelled years of experience, countless businesses and hundreds of thousands of dollars in education to creating a Blueprint for rapid growth. A formula for you to go from zero to hero in 90 days and live the lifestyle you've always dreamt of living.

You actually can have it all.

All it takes is a killer plan, the correct information, and then focusing on the right strategies weekly. My promise to you is that you will; Lose 12 Kilos, Add 20 Years to your Life and, Re-Kindle your Relationship. Let me walk you through my proven system every step of the way to implementing a formula to Generate that lifestyle you crave and so close to achieving.

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What You'll Be Mastering At The Primal Man:

  • The Exact Week-By-Week Proven Blueprint ANY ONE Can Use To Generate the Life Style They Choose.
  • How To Structure Your Day to Achieve YOUR Goals NOT Someone Else's.
  • How to create changes effectively into your current lifestyle
  • Understand the myths of dieting and know what you can do to lose weight effectively
  • The Simple 4 Step Process that creates natural long lasting energy
  • Create a winners mindset and take control of your lifestye
Bradley Todd

I had aspirations; however, I had no goals or knew how to set my sights on achieving them. Since starting with Darren, I have been able to concentrate on what is important to me and set achievable goals, both physical and mental. I am actually walking the walk and not talking about it. I have done things that I thought were not possible. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and tools Darren has shared with me.

Bradley Todd, Aspiring Pro-Golfer

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Who IS This For?

  • Guys Who Are Committed To Creating The Lifestyle to Desire
  • Action Takers That Will Implement Everything They Learn
  • People Who Are 100% Focused On Achieving Their Goals
  • People Who Care About Changing Their Life More Than Anything
  • Guys Who Are Willing To Invest In Themselves, Their Marketing And Growing Their Businesses!

Who ISN'T This For?

  • People Who Want To Talk, but, Not Act
  • People Who Aren't Willing To Implement strategies or try something new
  • People Who Are More Interested In making Excuses instead of Taking Responsability
  • People Who Refuse To Accept No Ideas
  • People Who Aren't Willing To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone And Make a Serious Change In Their Lives

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