Hi Darren,

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me achieve my goal of loosing 15kg in 9 weeks (I actually lost 16kgs) and other health goals.  Thats less pressure on my joints which means I have gone from taking 45mg of pain killers to 15mg per day which must be a good thing in the long term.  My blood pressure is back in the normal range and so is my cholesterol.  I feel better and people have noticed the change in my skin saying I am “Glowing".  I am back into a normal range for my BMI and I haven’t been there for a long time.  Best of all, I like what I am eating and can’t wait to try some of the recipes on your website.

Your low pressure and easy going attitude really made it easy working with you to achieve my goals.  You are a true health coach and I can see it in your eyes how dedicated and passionate you are in your quest to rid obesity from our society and help people get back on track with their lives in a very sustainable way.

I can’t wait to start your new program “Weight with a Mate” to get my BMI even lower.  I will keep in touch and let you know how I am going from time to time.

My doctor is very pleased with my health and has taken me off some medications that I have been on for a very long time.  My energy has gone through the roof and there is nothing more pleasing then a natural high.

I would recommend you to all my friends and family who want to feel good about themselves and achieve what ever they want with their health.

Thanks again mate, I have now placed you at the top of my Christmas card list.

Sincerely, Graham

- Graham C, Greensborough, Vic.


I am a 35 year old man who was looking for a change in my life as I thought there was more to it then what I was experiencing. I was in a rut, overweight, physically and mentally injured, suffering from severe depression and anxiety with no life goals or understanding of fueling my body with healthy and nutritious foods. I had aspirations; however, I had no goals or knew how to set my sights on achieving them. My relationships with my wife, son and extended family members was suffering and I needed a change. I had no idea of life coaching or what it could provide me. Since starting with Darren, I have been able to concentrate on what is important to me and set achievable goals, both physical and mental. My days consisted of bumbling though life, waiting for something to happen. My goal was to become a pro-golfer and that was it. I didn't have any concept of how to achieve my goal, or make my relationships with my wife and son more meaningful.

Darren suggested I could achieve a wholesome relationship with my wife, son and family as well as achieve my personal goal, all I needed was focus, I was immediately curious. Since working with Darren I am actually walking the walk and not talking about it. I have done things that I thought were not possible. This was recently displayed when I was given an opportunity to work with a PGA professional to improve my game. I was able to form a meaningful relationship with him and I recently had the pleasure of caddying for him. This was such a positive experience for me. I learnt so much about my future profession and as a result I now have more drive and focus to achieve my personal goal.

My family life has been positively affected as well. I was suffering long depressive spells that were placing a strain on my wife and my ability to interact with her. My son was also affected with my swinging moods and uneven temper. I have now learnt to engage both my wife and son in a meaningful way that is pleasing to me, but most importantly, to them.

I recently experienced two weeks of depressiveness caused by my circumstances and using some of the tools that Darren shared with me, I was able to learn what the root cause of my issue was. This enabled me to be objective and bring myself out of a funk to be more positive.

I am still overweight and injured; however, I am better equipped to tackle this problem head on, instead of hide from reality and let life pass me by. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and tools Darren has shared with me. 

I am happy to share my story with anyone who needs convincing.

Thanks for your help Darren, I am looking forward to our next encounter.

- Brad T., Darwin, NT